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Wahyu 1

alam maut : the place of departed spirits (NIV notes); the unseen world (YC)

Alfa : a title of Jesus Christ

Asia : A Roman province on the west side of Asia Minor.
(39° 13´, 32° 43´)

Awal : a title of Jesus Christ

dunia orang mati : the place of the dead

Efesus : a town in western Asia Minor at the mouth of the Cayster River

Filadelfia : a town in Lydia in the western part of Asia Minor
(38° 20´, 28° 31´)

kerajaan maut : the place of departed spirits (NIV notes); the unseen world (YC)

Laodikia : residents of the town of Laodicea
(37° 46´, 29° 3´)

Omega : the last letter of Greek alphabet

Patmos : a small island in the Aegean sea just west of Miletus, Asia Minor
(37° 18´, 26° 32´)

Pergamus : a wealthy ancient town in the disrict of Mysia in northwest Asia Minor. It is now modern Bergama.
(39° 7´, 27° 9´)

Sardis : the capital city of the province of Lydia in Asia Minor
(38° 28´, 28° 6´); (38° 28´, 28° 6´)

Smirna : a city Located on the west coast of Asia Minor, it is now called Izmir.
(38° 27´, 27° 9´)

Tiatira : a town in Asia Minor 30 km southeast of Pergamum
(38° 55´, 27° 51´)

Yohanes : a son of Zebedee; younger brother of James; the beloved disciple of Christ,a relative of Annas the high priest,a son of Mary the sister of Barnabas, and surnamed Mark,the father of Simon Peter

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