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Lukas 1:54


1:54 He has helped his servant Israel, remembering 1  his mercy, 2 

Lukas 1:72


1:72 He has done this 3  to show mercy 4  to our ancestors, 5 

and to remember his holy covenant 6 

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[1:54]  1 tn Or “because he remembered mercy,” understanding the infinitive as causal.

[1:54]  2 tn Or “his [God’s] loyal love.”

[1:72]  3 tn The words “He has done this” (referring to the raising up of the horn of salvation from David’s house) are not in the Greek text, but are supplied to allow a new sentence to be started in the translation. The Greek sentence is lengthy and complex at this point, while contemporary English uses much shorter sentences.

[1:72]  4 sn Mercy refers to God’s loyal love (steadfast love) by which he completes his promises. See Luke 1:50.

[1:72]  5 tn Or “our forefathers”; Grk “our fathers.” This begins with the promise to Abraham (vv. 55, 73), and thus refers to many generations of ancestors.

[1:72]  6 sn The promises of God can be summarized as being found in the one promise (the oath that he swore) to Abraham (Gen 12:1-3).

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