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Matius 28:18-20

TSK Full Life Study Bible


segala(TB/TL) <3956> [All.]


telah diberikan

Dan 7:13,14; Luk 10:22; Yoh 3:35; Yoh 13:13; [Lihat FULL. Yoh 13:13]; Yoh 17:2; 1Kor 15:27; Ef 1:20-22; Fili 2:9,10 [Semua]

Catatan Frasa: SEGALA KUASA.


Karena itu pergilah(TB)/pergilah(TL) <3767 4198> [ye therefore.]

jadikanlah semua bangsa murid-Ku(TB)/jadikanlah sekalian bangsa(TL) <3956 1484 3100> [teach all nations. or, make disciples, or Christians, of all nations. baptizing.]

nama(TB/TL) <3686> [the name.]


semua bangsa

Yes 49:6; Mr 16:15,16; Luk 24:47; Kis 1:8; 14:21 [Semua]

Roh Kudus,

Kis 1:8; 2:38; 8:16; Rom 6:3,4; Gal 3:27; Kol 2:12 [Semua]



mereka(TB)/dia(TL) <846> [them.]

Aku(TB/TL) <1473 1510> [I am.]

sampai(TB)/hingga(TL) <2193> [unto.]

<281> [Amen.]

CONCLUDING REMARKS ON MATTHEW'S GOSPEL. Matthew being one of the twelve apostles, and early called to the apostleship, and from the time of his call a constant attendant on our Saviour, was perfectly well qualified to write fully the history of his life. He relates what he saw and heard. "He is eminently distinguished for the distinctness and particularity with which he has related many of our Lord's discourses and moral instructions. Of these his sermon on the mount, his charge to the apostles, his illustrations of the nature of his kingdom, and his prophecy on mount Olivet, are examples. He has also wonderfully united simplicity and energy in relating the replies of his Master to the cavils of his adversaries." "There is not," as Dr. A. Clarke justly remarks, "one truth or doctrine, in the whole oracles of God, which is not taught in this Evangelist. The outlines of the whole spiritual system are here correctly laid down: even Paul himself has added nothing: he has amplified and illustrated the truths contained in this Gospel;--under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, neither he, nor any of the other apostles, have brought to light one truth, the prototype of which has not been found in the words and acts of our blessed Lord as related by Matthew."


dan ajarlah

Yoh 14:26; Kis 2:42 [Semua]

menyertai kamu

Ul 31:6; 1Raj 8:57; Hag 1:13; Mat 18:20; Kis 18:10 [Semua]

akhir zaman.

Mat 13:39; 24:3 [Semua]


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