thronos <2362>

yronov thronos

Asal Mula:from thrao (to sit), a stately seat ("throne")
Referensi:TDNT - 3:160,338
Jenis Kata:n m (noun masculine)
Dalam Yunani:yronoi 2, yronon 7, yronou 34, yronouv 4, yronov 6, yronw 7, yronwn 2
Dalam TB:takhta 47, takhta-Nya 3, takhtanya 3, takhta-Ku 2, takhta-takhta 2, Takhta-Mu 1, singgasana 1, sebuah takhta 1
Dalam AV:throne 54, seat 7
Definisi : ou [maskulin] takhta
1) a throne seat
1a) a chair of state having a footstool
1b) assigned in the NT to kings, hence, kingly power or royalty
1b1) metaph. to God, the governor of the world
1b2) to the Messiah, Christ, the partner and assistant in the
divine administration
1b2a) hence divine power belonging to Christ
1b3) to judges i.e. tribunal or bench
1b4) to elders

from thrao (to sit); a stately seat ("throne"); by implication, power or (concretely) a potentate: KJV -- seat, throne.
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