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1 Samuel 27

TSK Full Life Study Bible

27:1 · Daud(TB/TL) <01732> [A.M. 2946. B.C. 1058. An. Ex. Is. 433. And David.]

· binasa(TB)/Sungguh(TL) <05595> [I shall.]

This was a rash conclusion: God had caused him to be anointed king of Israel, and promised his accession to the throne, and had so often interposed in his behalf, that he was authorised to believe the very reverse.

· binasa(TB)/Sungguh(TL) <05595> [perish. Heb. be consumed. there is nothing.]

· negeri(TB/TL) <0776> [into the land.]


Judul : Daud di antara orang Filistin

Perikop : 1Sam 27:1-12


27:2 · Daud(TB/TL) <01732> [David.]

This measure of David's, in uniting himself to the enemies of his God and people, was highly blameable; was calculated to alienate the affections of the Israelites; and led to equivocation, if not downright falsehood.

· keenam(TB)/enam(TL) <08337> [the six.]

· Akhis(TB/TL) <0397> [Achish.]


lalu berjalan

1Sam 21:10; [Lihat FULL. 1Sam 21:10]

ratus orang

1Sam 30:9; 2Sam 2:3 [Semua]

kepada Akhis

1Raj 2:39

27:3 · kedua(TB/TL) <08147> [with his two.]


orang isterinya,

1Sam 25:43; [Lihat FULL. 1Sam 25:43]

27:4 · mencarinya(TB)/mencahari(TL) <01245> [he sought.]

27:5 · satu kota ...... negeri ........... kota ....... negeri(TB)/salah ... negeri ................. negeri(TL) <05892 0259> [some town.]

27:6 · Ziklag ..... Ziklag(TB)/Zikelaj ....... Zikelaj(TL) <06860> [Ziklag.]

Ziklag was at first given to the tribe of Judah, but was afterwards ceded to that of Simeon; but as it bordered on the Philistines, if they had ever been expelled, they had retaken it. Eusebius simply says it was situated in the south of Canaan.


sebabnya Ziklag

Yos 15:31; 19:5; 1Sam 30:1; 1Taw 12:20; Neh 11:28 [Semua]

27:7 · jumlah(TL) <04557> [the time. Heb. the number of days. a full year. Heb. a year of days.]


Daud tinggal

1Sam 29:3

27:8 · Gesur(TB)/Gesuri(TL) <01651> [A.M. 2948. B.C. 1056. An. Ex. Is. 435. the Geshurites.]

· Girzi(TB/TL) <01511> [Gezrites. or, Gerzites.]

These people seem to be the Gerrhenians, (2 Mac 13:24) whose chief city, Gerrha, is mentioned by Strabo as lying between Gaza and Pelusium in Egypt.

· Amalek(TB)/Amaleki(TL) <06003> [the Amalekites.]

· ke arah(TB)/datang(TL) <0935> [as thou goest.]


orang Gesur,

Yos 12:5; [Lihat FULL. Yos 12:5]

orang Amalek;

Kel 17:14; [Lihat FULL. Kel 17:14]; 1Sam 14:48; [Lihat FULL. 1Sam 14:48]; 1Sam 30:1; 2Sam 1:8; 8:12 [Semua]

arah Syur

Kej 16:7; [Lihat FULL. Kej 16:7]

27:9 · laki-laki(TB/TL) <0376> [left neither.]

· unta(TB/TL) <01581> [and the camels.]


dibiarkannya hidup,

1Sam 15:3; [Lihat FULL. 1Sam 15:3]

27:10 · Ke mana(TL) <0408> [Whither, etc. or, Did you not make a road. And David.]

· Negeb ...... Negeb ....... Negeb(TB)/selatan ...... selatan ....... selatan(TL) <05045> [Against.]

David here meant the Geshurites, and Gezrites, and Amalekites, which people occupied that part of the country which lies to the south of Judah. But Achish, as was intended, understood him in a different sense, and believed that he had attacked his own countrymen. David's answer, therefore, though not an absolute falsehood, was certainly an equivocation intended to deceive, and therefore incompatible with that sense of truth and honour which became him as a prince, and a professor of true religion. From these, and similar passages, we may observe the strict impartiality of the Sacred Scriptures. They present us with the most faithful delineation of human nature; they exhibit the frailties of kings, priests, and prophets, with equal truth; and examples of vice and frailty, as well as of piety and virtue, are held up, that we may guard against the errors to which the best men are exposed.

· Yerahmeel(TB)/Yerahmieli(TL) <03397> [the Jerahmeelites.]

· orang Keni(TB)/Keni(TL) <07017> [Kenites.]


orang Yerahmeel,

1Sam 30:29

orang Keni.

Hak 1:16

27:11 · mengabarkan(TB)/kabar(TL) <05046> [Lest.]

27:12 · membusukkan bau dibenci(TB)/membusukkan bau(TL) <0887> [utterly to abhor. Heb. to stink.]


diri dibenci

Kej 34:30; [Lihat FULL. Kej 34:30]

sampai selamanya.

1Sam 29:6

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