epoikodomeo <2026>

epoikodomew epoikodomeo

Asal Mula:from 1909 and 3618
Referensi:TDNT - 5:147,674
Jenis Kata:v (verb)
Dalam Yunani:epoikodomei 3, epoikodomhsen 1, epoikodomhyentev 1, epoikodomoumenoi 1, epoikodomountev 1
Dalam TB:dibangun 1, bangunlah di atas 1, dibangun di atas 1, ia harus membangun di 1, membangun di atasnya 1, membangun 1, yang dibangun 1
Dalam AV:build up 3, build thereupon 2, build 2, build thereon 1
Definisi : membangun di atas
1) to build upon, build up

To finish the structure of which the foundation has already been
laid, to give constant increase in Christian knowledge and in a life
conformed thereto.

from 1909 and 3618; to build upon, i.e. (figuratively) to rear up: KJV -- build thereon (thereupon, on, upon).
see GREEK for 1909
see GREEK for 3618
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