kataleipo <2641>

kataleipw kataleipo

Asal Mula:from 2596 and 3007
Referensi:TDNT - 4:194,523
Jenis Kata:v (verb)
Dalam Yunani:kataleifyhnai 1, kataleipei 1, kataleipomenhv 1, kataleipontev 1, kataleiqantav 1, kataleiqei 3, kataleleimmenov 1, kataliph 1, katalipontev 1, katalipwn 6, kateleifyh 1, kateleipen 1, katelipen 3, katelipon 2
Dalam TB:meninggalkan 9, akan meninggalkan 3, ia membiarkan 1, ia telah meninggalkan 1, kami melewatinya 1, Ia meninggalkan 1, Aku masih meninggalkan 1, ketinggalan 1, untuk tinggal 1, tinggallah 1, membiarkan 1, melalaikan 1, yang ditinggalkan 1
Dalam AV:leave 22, forsake 2, reserve 1
Definisi : (aorist katelipo dan kateleiqa; perfek pasif kataleleimmai) meninggalkan; membiarkan; ada kalanya pasif: tinggal, masih berlaku
meninggalkan, mengabaikan; tinggal, ketinggalan (pasif)
1) to leave behind
1a) to depart from, leave
1a1) to be left
1b) to bid (one) to remain
1c) to forsake, leave to one's self a person or thing by
ceasing to care for it, to abandon, leave in the lurch
1c1) to be abandoned, forsaken
1d) to cause to be left over, to reserve, to leave remaining
1e) like our "leave behind", it is used of one who on being
called away cannot take another with him
1e1) especially of the dying (to leave behind)
1f) like our "leave", leave alone, disregard
1f1) of those who sail past a place without stopping

from 2596 and 3007; to leave down, i.e. behind; by implication, to abandon, have remaining: KJV -- forsake, leave, reserve.
see GREEK for 2596
see GREEK for 3007
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