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Mazmur 89:29

TSK Full Life Study Bible


cucunya(TB)/benihnya(TL) <02233> [His seed.]

takhtanya(TB)/takhta(TL) <03678> [throne.]

seumur(TB)/umur(TL) <03117> [days.]


seumur langit.

Mazm 89:5,37 [Semua]

Mazmur 89:34-37

TSK Full Life Study Bible


perjanjian-Ku(TB/TL) <01285> [covenant.]

Kuubah(TB)/Kuubahkan(TL) <08138> [nor.]


yang keluar

Bil 23:19; [Lihat FULL. Bil 23:19]


Sekali(TB)/Hanya ... sekali(TL) <0259> [Once.]

berbohong(TB)/mendustai(TL) <03576> [that I will not lie. Heb. If I lie.]


cucunya(TB)/benihnya(TL) <02233> [seed.]

takhtanya(TB)/kerajaannyapun(TL) <03678> [and.]


seperti matahari

Mazm 89:5


ada(TB)/tetap(TL) <03559> [It shall.]

That is, as long as the sun and moon shall endure, as long as time shall last, his kingdom shall continue among men. The moon is probably termed a faithful witness, because by her, particularly, time is measured. Her decrease and increase are especially observed by every nation; and by these time is generally estimated, especially among eastern nations:--So many moons is a man old--so many moons since such an event happened; and even their years are reckoned by lunations. Or, the rainbow may be intended; that faithful sign which God has established in the clouds, that the earth shall no more be destroyed by water.

selama-lamanya(TB)/selalu(TL) <05769> [ever.]

setia(TB)/setiawan(TL) <0539> [and as.]


di awan-awan.

Yer 33:20-21 [Semua]

TIP #14: Gunakan Boks Temuan untuk melakukan penyelidikan lebih jauh terhadap kata dan ayat yang Anda cari. [SEMUA]
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