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Ulangan 14:28-29

TSK Full Life Study Bible


akhir(TB)/kesudahan(TL) <07097> [the end.]

mengeluarkan(TB)/hendaklah ... membawa(TL) <03318> [thou shalt bring.]

As the Levites had no inheritance, the Israelites were not to forget them, but truly tithe their increase. For their support, the Levites had, 1. The tenth of all the productions of the land. 2. Forty-eight cities, each forming a square of 4,000 cubits. 3. Two thousand cubits of ground round each city; total of land, 53,000 acres. 4. The first-fruits, and certain parts of all the animals killed in the land. But though this was a very small proportion for a whole tribe that had consented to annihilate its political existence, that it might wait upon the service of God, yet, let it be considered, that what they possessed was the best of the land: and while it was slender remuneration for their services, yet their portion was such as rendered them independent, and kept them comfortable; so that they could wait on God, and labour in his work, without distraction.


persembahan persepuluhan

Im 27:30; [Lihat FULL. Im 27:30]

dalam kotamu;

Ul 26:12


bagian(TB)/bahagian(TL) <02506> [he hath.]

asing(TB)/dagang(TL) <01616> [the stranger.]

TUHAN(TB)/Tuhan(TL) <03068> [that the Lord.]


tidak mendapat

Kej 47:22

milik pusaka

Bil 26:62

orang asing,

Ul 16:11; 24:19-21; Mazm 94:6; Yes 1:17; 58:6 [Semua]

menjadi kenyang,

Ul 6:11; [Lihat FULL. Ul 6:11]

Allahmu, memberkati

Ul 15:10; Mazm 41:2; Ams 22:9; Mal 3:10 [Semua]

Ulangan 24:19-21

TSK Full Life Study Bible


menuai(TB)/apabila ..... menuai(TL) <07114> [When thou.]

orang asing(TB)/dagang(TL) <01616> [it shall be.]

memberkati(TB)/diberkati(TL) <01288> [may bless.]


untuk mengambilnya;

Im 19:9; [Lihat FULL. Im 19:9]

orang asing,

Ul 10:19; 27:19; Yeh 47:22; Za 7:10; Mal 3:5 [Semua]

dan janda

Ul 24:20; Ul 14:29 [Semua]

Allahmu, memberkati

Ul 14:29; [Lihat FULL. Ul 14:29]; Ams 19:17; 28:27; Pengkh 11:1 [Semua]


kemudian dari engkau ... dahan-dahannya .... tangkai-tangkainya(TB)/kemudian dari ....... tangkai-tangkainya pula(TL) <0310 06286> [go over the boughs again. Heb. bough it after thee.]


sekali lagi;

Im 19:10


mengumpulkan(TB)/memungut(TL) <01219> [gatherest.]

memungut(TL) <0310> [afterward. Heb. after thee.]

TIP #26: Perkuat kehidupan spiritual harian Anda dengan Bacaan Alkitab Harian. [SEMUA]
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