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2 Korintus 13

1 Dia mengancam kekerasan, kuasa kerasulannya, menentang orang bedosa yang keras kepala/membandel.

5 Dan menasihati mereka tentang pencobaan/ujian atas iman mereka,

7 dan tentang pembaharuan dari dosa mereka sebelum dia datang,

11 dia menutup suratnya dengan beberapa nasihat yang umum dan doa.

TSK Full Life Study Bible

13:1 · ketiga kalinya(TB)/ketiga(TL) <5154> [the third.]

· Baru dengan(TB)/diteguhkan(TL) <1909> [In.]


Judul : Nasihat-nasihat terakhir

Perikop : 2Kor 13:1-10

kepada kamu:

2Kor 12:14

orang saksi

Ul 19:15; Mat 18:16; [Lihat FULL. Mat 18:16] [Semua]

13:2 · telah kukatakan terlebih dahulu(TB)/Aku sudah(TL) <4280> [told.]

· berjauhan(TB)/berhadir(TL) <548> [being.]

· masa ... lampau berbuat dosa(TB)/masa dahulu berbuat dosa(TL) <4258> [heretofore.]


berbuat dosa,

2Kor 12:21

aku berjauhan

2Kor 13:10

akan menyayangkan

2Kor 1:23


13:3 · kamu ingin(TB)/menuntut(TL) <2212> [ye seek.]

· Kristus(TB/TL) <5547> [Christ.]

· terhadap(TB)/yang(TL) <3739> [which.]


perantaraan aku,

Mat 10:20; 1Kor 5:4 [Semua]

13:4 · Ia telah disalibkan(TB)/disalibkan(TL) <4717> [he was.]

· namun .............. tetapi(TB)/tetapi ................. tetapi(TL) <235> [yet.]

· Memang kami(TB)/kami(TL) <2249 2532> [we also.]

· [in him. or, with him.]

· namun .............. tetapi(TB)/tetapi ................. tetapi(TL) <235> [but.]


karena kelemahan,

1Kor 1:25; Fili 2:7,8; 1Pet 3:18 [Semua]

karena kuasa

Rom 1:4; 6:4; 1Kor 6:14 [Semua]

adalah lemah

2Kor 13:9; 1Kor 2:3; [Lihat FULL. 1Kor 2:3] [Semua]

dengan Dia

Rom 6:5; [Lihat FULL. Rom 6:5]

13:5 · Ujilah(TB)/Cobalah(TL) <3985> [Examine.]

· di iman iman .............. di dalam(TB)/di ... iman ................ di(TL) <1722 4102> [in the faith.]

· kamu ... yakin(TB)/mengetahui(TL) <1921> [Know.]

· Kristus Yesus Kristus(TB)/Yesus Kristus(TL) <2424 5547> [Jesus Christ.]

· <5100> [reprobates.]


dirimu sendiri,

1Kor 11:28

Selidikilah dirimu!

Rat 3:40; Yoh 6:6 [Semua]

diri kamu?

Rom 8:10; [Lihat FULL. Rom 8:10]



13:7 · Kami berdoa(TB)/memohonkan(TL) <2172> [I pray.]

· tahan uji(TB)/beruji(TL) <1384> [approved.]

· yang baik(TB)/kebajikan(TL) <2570> [honest.]

· tampaknya tidak tahan uji ... bercela(TB)/seperti ..... bercela(TL) <5613 96> [as reprobates.]


13:9 · apabila(TB/TL) <3752> [when.]

· kamu(TB)/kamu ........... kamu(TL) <5216> [even.]


kami lemah

1Kor 2:3; [Lihat FULL. 1Kor 2:3]

kamu kuat.

2Kor 4:12

menjadi sempurna.

2Kor 13:11; Ef 4:13 [Semua]

13:10 · aku menulis(TB)/menyuratkan(TL) <1125> [I write.]

· <3363> [lest.]

· menurut(TB/TL) <2596> [according.]


bertindak keras

2Kor 1:23; [Lihat FULL. 2Kor 1:23]

untuk meruntuhkan.

2Kor 10:8

13:11 · bersukacitalah(TB/TL) <5463> [farewell.]

· usahakanlah dirimu supaya sempurna(TB)/biarlah ... sempurna .... bernasehat-nasehat(TL) <2675> [Be perfect.]

· Terimalah(TB)/bernasehat-nasehat(TL) <3870> [be of good.]

· <846> [be of one.]

· hiduplah dalam damai sejahtera(TB)/berdamai(TL) <1514> [live.]

· Allah(TB/TL) <2316> [the God.]

· menyertai(TB/TL) <3326> [with.]


Judul : Salam terakhir

Perikop : 2Kor 13:11-13

Akhirnya, saudara-saudaraku,

1Tes 4:1; 2Tes 3:1 [Semua]

damai sejahtera;

Mr 9:50; [Lihat FULL. Mr 9:50]

sumber kasih

1Yoh 4:16

damai sejahtera

Rom 15:33; [Lihat FULL. Rom 15:33]; Ef 6:23 [Semua]



yang kudus.

Rom 16:16; [Lihat FULL. Rom 16:16]




Fili 4:22


13:14 · Kasih karunia(TB)/anugerah(TL) <5485> [The grace.]

· kasih(TB/TL) <26> [the love.]

· persekutuan(TB/TL) <2842> [the communion.]

· <281> [Amen.]

CONCLUDING REMARKS ON THE SECOND EPISTLE TO THE CORINTHIANS. The most remarkable circumstance in this Epistle, observes Mr. Scott, is the confidence of the Apostle in the goodness of his cause, and in the power of God to bear him out in it. Opposed as he then was by a powerful and sagacious party, whose authority, reputation, and interest were deeply concerned, and who were ready to seize on every thing that could discredit him, it is wonderful to hear him so firmly insist upon his apostolical authority, and so unreservedly appeal to the miraculous power which he has exercised and conferred at Corinth. So far from shrinking from the contest, as afraid of some discovery being made, unfavourable to him and the common cause, he, with great modesty and meekness indeed, but with equal boldness and decision, expressly declares that his opposers and despisers were the ministers of Satan, and menaces them with miraculous judgments, when as many of their deluded hearers had been brought to repentance and re-established in the faith, as proper means could in a reasonable time effect. It is inconceivable that a stronger internal testimony, not only of integrity, but of divine inspiration, can exist. Had there been any thing of imposture among the Christians, it was next to impossible but such a conduct must have occasioned a disclosure of it. Of the effects produced by this latter epistle we have no circumstantial account; for the journey which St. Paul took to Corinth, after he had written it, is mentioned by St. Luke only in a few words, (Ac 20:2, 3.) We know, however, that St. Paul was there after he had written this Epistle; that the contributions for the poor brethren at Jerusalem were brought to him from different parts to that city (Ro 15:26;) and that, after remaining there several months, he sent salutations from some of the principal members of that church, by whom he must have been greatly respected, to the church of Rome (Ro 16:22, 23.) From this time we hear no more of the false teacher and his party; and when Clement of Rome wrote his epistle to the Corinthians, St. Paul was considered by them as a divine apostle, to whose authority he might appeal without fear of contradiction. The false teacher, therefore, must either have been silenced by St. Paul, by virtue of his apostolical powers, and by an act of severity which he had threatened, (2 Co 13:2, 3;) or this adversary of the apostle had, at that time, voluntarily quitted the place. Whichever was the cause, the effect produced must operate as a confirmation of our faith, and as a proof of St. Paul's divine mission.


Yesus Kristus,

Rom 16:20; [Lihat FULL. Rom 16:20]; 2Kor 8:9 [Semua]

kasih Allah,

Rom 5:5; Yud 1:21 [Semua]

Roh Kudus

Fili 2:1

TIP #26: Perkuat kehidupan spiritual harian Anda dengan Bacaan Alkitab Harian. [SEMUA]
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